The history of Prophecy
April 12, 2023

The History of Prophecy

Prophecy is the practice of receiving messages or insights from a divine or supernatural source. It has been an important part of human history and is recognized by many cultures worldwide. Prophets are revered as important figures who can offer guidance, wisdom, and even predictions about the future. The tradition of prophecy has its roots […]

  • Your Prayer Life is Faith Arise and Activation

    Are you ready to arise your faith and activate the promise of God?  Your prayer life will create a Godly visitation if you allow God to take action in your life.  This is time that the peopl...

    09 January, 2020

    As I look in the Spirit, I see you asking about your finances and a particular relationship! You've been pouring your prayers unto the Lord concerning these issues and you've been imploring that Go...

    07 January, 2020
  • The Blessings Will Not Make Sense to You

    It will not make sense, yet it will make dollars. These past few months hasn't generally sounded good to you, right? Here is the thing that I hear the Lord saying. You should totally relinquish wha...

    30 December, 2019
  • The perfect time to claim prophet’s reward

    The Bible says, "He that receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive the prophet’s reward."    The Lord says how you interpret who you are at this moment is what is determin...

    17 December, 2019

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