Pick up the Right Pieces

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December 01, 2018

Pick up the Right Pieces

Life is one gigantic jigsaw puzzle. The Prophets are here to make sure that we pick up the right pieces. Being persistent and consistent is the order for the day! We cannot allow what looks like confusion to determine our outcome. There are days when we feel like giving up and closing the book. In fact, the enemy often uses our feelings against us as roadblocks that stop us from receiving God’s best.

We may be looking for our miracle and breakthrough in the wrong places. The storms that keep showing up in our lives, uprooting and displacing us, should come to an end. Let’s all be warned and aware of people who show up in our lives that will cause trouble. Let’s gather ourselves and prepare for the launch because the finish line will be in our sight.

A clarion call has gone out from heaven on our behalf, with a warning saying, “DO NOT TOUCH MY ANOINTED!” We are being delivered from unexplainable mishaps. When we operate from the absolute mind of God, we discover that nothing is missing. When the piece doesn’t fit, pick up another one and try again. No one ever told us that the road would be easy. If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it!

We are created to WIN!

What God has for us, don’t allow the enemy to take it! The power of prophecy will push us over the finish line!
The race is not given to the fastest, but to the one who stays the course!

For us to advance, we must stop wearing our feelings on our sleeves. We cannot allow everything to affect us. Let us believe that we are standing on the Holy Ground. We must believe that our environment is conducive to produce a great harvest. Regardless of what we think is missing from our lives, we must believe that we are ready to pick up the pieces and move ahead.

God Heals…

No more hesitation, incompleteness, and disappointments. We need to push past the adversities of life. The situations that came and tried to break us don’t matter. God is mending the broken pieces!

It’s about time that we start experiencing the marvelous light of the Father’s Glory. The dreamer in us needs to come alive. We can PUSH past all the stumbling blocks that keep manifesting along the journey. Our breakthrough is waiting for us on the other side. Stop putting up with things and people that are going in the wrong direction.

You Are Going To Solve The Puzzle

Our puzzle pieces belong to us. God designed the puzzle pieces of our lives to cause our imagination to flourish. Be reassured that God is going to give us sight beyond sight. We are about to walk under an unusual anointing.

All things are working together for our good. All the pieces of the puzzle shall be making their way to us. It is crucial that we understand that God is putting us back together again. Full restoration is on the horizon. A peaceful and gentle breeze is blowing in our direction. The big picture of our lives will become clearer.

We must be thankful for everything that is happening. The traps we face will turn into stepping stones to our future.

As we continue to pick up the puzzle pieces of our lives, we will discover the diamond in the rough. No two pieces are the same. Each day may look the same, but we will not be the same. The increase will be our portion.

God is stretching us and molding our thoughts into His consciousness. He is opening the heavens for us.

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